Chip Crisis: Raspberry Pi Suffers Price Increase For 1st Time


Chip Crisis: Miniature computer maker Raspberry Pi announced the first price increase in its history. The announcement was made by the company’s CEO, Eben Upton, in a post on the brand’s official website.

The only model affected so far is the 2GB Raspberry Pi 4, which is the less powerful and cheaper version of the current generation. It costs US$45 (about R$250 in direct currency conversion), a US$10 increase over the previous price.

In addition, the 1GB version, which was discontinued last year, returns to the market at US$35 (approximately R$195) to cater to the public on a tighter budget and not willing to spend as much on a Pi. The process of discontinuing older models continues: anyone who owns a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and wants to upgrade it is now advised to look for the fourth generation.

What happened?

According to Upton, this increase is temporary and for a reason: the crisis in the semiconductor industry that has affected the entire electronics industry. As demand is high for processors and factories cannot fill all orders, inventories are low in almost every sector.

In the case of Raspberry Pi, they rely on Sony for chip supplies. Because of the reduction in manufacturing, only 7 million units were produced in 2021 — the same amount as in 2020, insufficient to meet the increase in reserves.

The CEO has already warned that “supply chain challenges are likely to continue well into 2022”, but there is no forecast for the price to return to the previous pattern.


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