Chip crisis grows: Raspberry Pi hiked


The raw material crisis due to the pandemic also hit the Raspberry Pi. Here is the price of the product that stands out with its small size.


The chip crisis, which has increased with the pandemic, continues to affect many sectors. This situation, which especially affected the computer industry, also affected Rapsberry. One of the reasons why Raspberry Pi, which stands out with its small size, is so popular is its affordable price.

Raspberry Pi goes up in price for the first time

Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton announced his company’s first price hike due to the global component shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the tech and auto industries. Although the Raspberry Pi can produce 7 million units, which is the same amount as last year, companies are purchasing more components than before to ensure the supply of products. As a result, the 2GB variant of the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 4 falls short.

To fix the problem, the manufacturer is increasing the price of the 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 to $45. Upton said that the price increase in the components necessary for the computer means that it is no longer economically viable to sell the 2GB Pi 4 for $ 35, so the company went for a price increase. It also said it will start reselling the 1GB variant for $35 to give customers another option.

Upton, in his statement, explained that the problem will mostly affect its products built on 40nm silicon. Compute Module 3, as the company must distribute components intelligently; It decided to prioritize Compute Module 3+ and Raspberry Pi3b and not produce Raspberry Pi 3B+.

The CEO said that these changes are temporary and that the changes in pricing are not permanent. “As global supply chain issues are temporary, we will continue to revisit this issue. “We want to restore pricing as quickly as possible.” However, the company expects supply chain issues to persist through 2022.


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