Chip Crisis Expected to Last Until 2023, Says Intel CEO


Chip: Current Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger commented in an interview with CNBC about the current crisis in the semiconductor market and the market’s difficulty in overcoming the chip shortage that affects the entire industry.

According to the executive, the effects of the current crisis are currently at their peak and will still be felt until at least 2023, when the balance between the high demand for processors and the difficulty of manufacturers in delivering all orders will be reached. In an earlier forecast, he had already cited that the shortage could last for “a few years”.

On the other hand, the CEO is optimistic about the gradual recovery of the market and the company itself, with each new quarter showing less pessimistic results – Intel’s desktop chip and notebook ecosystems division showed a drop of 2% over the same period last year. The biggest problem would be even in more complex equipment, such as data centers and servers that use more elaborate combinations of semiconductors for network connection.

Other forecasts

In previous interviews and conferences, other industry company representatives have also indicated when the current shortage may come to a halt. It ends at the end of 2021, according to the CEO of Qualcomm, or still impact the market in 2022, as pointed out by NVIDIA.

Among other consequences and reasons, the lack of semiconductors also brought down the sale of cell phones, postponed launches by companies like Apple and brought high financial impacts to industries such as automobiles.


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