Chinese vaccine against coronavirus “fights species”


The Chinese pharmaceutical Sinovac announced that its coronavirus vaccine fights all existing strains in the world and will be ready to be applied massively in 2021, as the company can produce 300 million doses annually thanks to the fact that it has a factory specifically dedicated to the drug.

While the AstraZeneca vaccine and the University of Oxford partially stopped their trials when they found that it produced inflammation of the spinal cord in a volunteer, Sinovac assures that its CoronaVac has not produced “special adverse reactions” in people who have received it in its Phase 3 trials.

During a media visit to the Sinovac facilities in Beijing, the president of the pharmaceutical company, Yin Weidong, assured that his CoronaVac can “combat all the strains of the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus existing in the world” and that 90 percent of the company’s employees worldwide and their families have already received their doses.

What you should know about this experimental vaccine

Sinovac tested seven different methods for its vaccine, but, according to Yin, found that “the inactivated vaccine route was the best.”

CoronaVac is now being tested in Brazil, Turkey, Bangladesh and Indonesia, because “it is better to do the tests abroad because in China the pandemic is practically controlled,” according to the president of Sinovac.

On September 9, Sinovac announced that the results of the CoronaVac vaccine trials in phases 1 and 2 had shown “good safety and immunogenicity” in healthy adults over 60 years of age, and among people aged 18 to 59 years.

Antibody levels in those over 60 were slightly lower than those found in tests with a younger population, according to the company. Ensuring that the vaccine can be applied to the entire population, including children and adolescents, is one of the keys to preventing outbreaks of the virus in schools and daycare centers.

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The Sinovac vaccine, which is produced in Latin America in cooperation with the Brazilian institute Butantan, based in Sao Paulo, is in the last phase of large-scale adult trials in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia or Turkey.


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