Chinese Tesla Model 3 records fewer complaints


The Chinese website CheZhiWang, which collects consumer complaints about vehicle defects, reported that the Tesla Model 3 made in China registered only 0.3 complaints for defects for every 10,000 vehicles manufactured. The value, practically nil, is impressive when compared to reports of defects in Tesla’s new vehicles in the USA.

Relative to the third quarter of the year, the result also represents an increase when compared to the quality assessments of the Model 3 manufactured in the second quarter. At that time, the data showed 0.7 complaints per 10,000 new Teslas Model 3 produced.

The index places the Model 3 for the second time at the top of the manufacturing quality rank among 38 similar cars widely used in China. In this new assessment, Tesla’s errors were 50% less frequent than previously reported.

China excels in technology and manufacturing

In second place in the ranking, an index close to that of Tesla was also reached by an electric vehicle. According to CheZhiWang data, Wuling Hongguang’s tiny EV, a sub-brand from GM, filed just 0.6 complaints for 10,000 new vehicles manufactured.

In addition to highlighting the quality of electric vehicles produced in China, the assessment also shows that the best-ranked combustion engine car had ten times more defect complaints than the Tesla Model 3. The Toyota Yaris, third on the list , recorded a rate of 3.2 complaints per 10,000.

These figures showed that China not only has more advanced technology in the production of electric vehicles, but also stands out for its quality. It could be an alert for the other Model 3 manufacturing units, mainly in the United States, and the establishment of a Chinese benchmarking.

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