Chinese Tesla 3 ‘rival’, Han EV electric sedan priced to be announced


A new high-performance premium sedan is arriving on the world market to compete with the Tesla 3. Produced by Chinese BYD, the Han EV, a hybrid or all-electric vehicle, had its price announced in the Asian country: it will cost 230,000 yuan (about from $ 32 thousand) to 280 thousand Yuan (about $ 39 thousand).

The cheapest version is the hybrid, equipped with a gasoline engine and a 13 kWh battery, which guarantees autonomy of up to 81 km on a single charge. Now, if the goal is to acquire a fully electric model, it is necessary to pay at least 240 thousand yuan ($ 33 thousand) to take advantage of the 65 kWh battery and travel 506 km.

There is another option with 77 kWh that reaches 605 km costing 260 thousand yuan ($ 36 thousand), but the star of the line – consequently, more expensive – guarantees 550 km of autonomy, bringing a battery of 77 kWh.

Other features
According to the company, the cars go from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds and have a fast charging feature – allowing to go from 30% to 80% in 25 minutes, requiring only 10 minutes of recharge for up to 135 km of autonomy . Another highlight is the inclusion of the intelligent driver assistance system “DiPilot”, incorporating 5G technology.

Finally, the BYD Han EV is also the first Chinese mass-produced electric model to feature the latest predictive emergency braking system from Bosch, providing, according to the manufacturer, precision, range and comfort when braking .

The launch of Han EV in China is scheduled for June, and, although it has been confirmed in the European market, it is not yet known when it will reach other countries.


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