Chinese Rover Zhurong Sends Selfie From Mars With Its Platform


Zhurong: China’s state media today released new photos of the Zhurong Mars rover, the first after it successfully landed on the surface of Mars on May 15th. In the main photo, the exploration vehicle managed to organize a group selfie, along with its landing platform.

To take the photo, hailed by the Chinese authority as a “complete success”, the robot walked 10 meters towards the south, ejected a small wireless camera that was on its bottom, and returned to the landing module to pose for the photo. The first images of Mars were sent to Earth in May, a few days after landing.

A panoramic photo taken by Zhurong, named after the fire god in Chinese mythology, shows features of the Utopia Planitia region on the red planet, but also includes some lighter areas created by the release of leftover fuel from the platform. as a security measure. In the upper left corner are the parachute and the protective landing shell.

Zhurong in action

The photos shown this Friday (11) break a silence of the National Space Administration of China (CNSA) since May 22, when the rover first glided over Martian soil. The images now revealed were taken shortly after landing and before the first tour of the planet, according to the state agency Xinhua.

Land teams in China will use these photos to devise a travel plan for Zhurong. Among the rover’s equipment are panoramic and multispectral cameras to capture images and analyze the surrounding landscape, as well as a surface-penetrating radar that will scan the Martian underground for evidence of water and ice.

On June 10, the University of Arizona, USA, released an image taken by the HiRISE camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance orbiter, showing the Zhurong in action.


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