Chinese probe takes first Mars photo


China has taken a big step forward in its interplanetary exploration plans. According to The Guardian news site, the country’s Tianwen-1 probe sent the first Mars photo and captured a snapshot in black and white from about 1.4 million miles away.

The probe will enter orbit on February 10

According to science commentators, the image Tianwen-1 obtained cannot be compared with the more detailed images of other explorers. The important thing here is the proof that China can send a spacecraft to Mars.

In addition, let’s add that the Probe will enter Mars orbit on February 10th and the rover will land in the impact basin of Utopia in May.

As is known, in 2011, with the help of Russia, China tried to carry out a Mars mission. However, this work failed at launch. At the same time, let’s point out that going to the Red Planet is not easy for anyone. So much so that it is obvious that other countries and organizations such as ESA, Russia and the USA routinely struggle to make this journey, but their missions that are generally unsuccessful.

It is also thought that Tianwen-1’s successful rover landing will strongly support China as it embarks on other ambitious projects, including putting a new space station into orbit by 2022.

We should also add that this important milestone achieved by China is the turning point for the country’s space program.

Finally, it is stated that this progress of China will serve as an effective symbolic foil for NASA’s Perseverance mission and will support China’s further research.


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