Chinese phone maker involved in scandal in Africa


A new claim has recently been made for Chinese phone companies that are not good with the Trump government. Malware was allegedly discovered on thousands of mobile phones sold in Africa that saved accounts to subscription systems without users’ permission.

Another black mark for Chinese phone companies

Anti-fraud firm Upsteam discovered malware in approximately 53 thousand phones, which are owned by Tecno Mobile company, especially in Africa and sold in countries such as Ethiopia, Cameroon, Egypt, and South Africa. In a statement to Buzzfeed, the manufacturer stated that the software in question was loaded into supply chains without their knowledge. Geoffrey Claves, president of Upsteam, said: “Phones with malware are often bought by low-income households. “The fact that the software in these phones comes pre-installed to you reveals the state of the industry.”

The malware called Triada, which the company finds on Android devices, helps users access their information without their consent. In this way, Upstream also reported that more than 200 thousand phones in total may have been indirectly affected by this incident, for the software that frauds by capturing payment information.

Tecno Mobile, affiliated with Shenzhen-based Transsion, remains one of the best selling mobile phone manufacturers in Africa. At the same time, the company signs sponsorship agreements. The biggest example of this is the deal he signed with the English club Manchester City.


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