Chinese miners are now running out of laptop stock


Many products were introduced in the last months of 2020. Although the excitement reached its peak at the beginning, many people could not reach the new generation equipment due to stock problems. In particular, the problems experienced by the graphics cards negatively affected both NVIDIA and AMD. However, the latest news may upset players even more. When Ethereum miners could not find a graphics card, this time they turned to laptops with RTX 30 graphics cards. Laptop stocks can also be in trouble if the situation continues.

We have shared the anticipated troubles in PlayStation 5 stocks for you.

Laptop stocks may run out due to cryptocurrency miners

Introducing the new Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors with the CES 2021 event held in January, AMD entered the market very ambitious. However, it was expected that there would be stock problems in mobile processors due to production problems. The same expectation applies to mobile RTX 30 graphics cards. For this reason, it was predicted that there will be stock problems in new laptops in the coming months, though not in the first place.

According to the images shared on Weibo, cryptocurrency miners are buying laptops with RTX 3070 graphics cards in particular. Although these computers are quite expensive, the continued purchase suggests that mining is gaining at this point (this is not investment advice). However, there is no guarantee that Ethereum will not experience a big crash in the coming days.

While RTX 30 graphics card laptop stocks are not yet available in many countries, cryptocurrency mining with these computers indicates that there will be great stock problems in the laptop market in the coming months. If you are planning to buy a laptop with RTX 30 graphics card, you may want to be quick when the first stocks arrive.

The leap of cryptocurrency mining into the laptop market may cause NVIDIA to take a different step in the coming days. Although no official announcement has been made by the American manufacturer yet, many gamers are already angry that their desktop graphics cards are sold directly to miners.


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