Chinese Black Friday 2020 comes with lots of offers


Many people will start November thinking about Black Friday 2020 and saving money for the traditional shopping date, inspired by the United States model. But before that, there is another very interesting event for those looking for discounts and promotions: Chinese Black Friday.

A great opportunity for those interested in importing from China, the oriental version of the event brings thousands of products on offer, with up to 70% discount. There are several online stores participating, allowing consumers in other countries to take advantage of discounts.

When does Chinese Black Friday start? The event takes place on November 11 (11.11). And as it happens at the beginning of the month, this is a great chance to guarantee Christmas gifts on sale, remembering that international purchases may take a little longer to arrive in Brazil.

The origin of Chinese Black Friday

Also known as “Single’s Day” (or “Dia dos Solteiros”, in free translation), the event started in 1993, at the University of Nanquim. But in the beginning, there was nothing about shopping or promotions.

The initial goal was to give singles an opportunity to meet their romantic date. Because of this, 11/11 was chosen, as the number 11 represents a person alone for the Chinese. Concerts, festivals and other forms of entertainment were held at universities, providing meetings between participants.

But as time went by and the population’s purchasing power increased, local retailers began to see enormous potential on the date, starting to exploit it commercially. That’s how it became a kind of anticipated Black Friday and turned into big business.

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In 2018, for example, the promotion date for Chinese online stores generated more than $ 30 billion in sales, even surpassing the most famous promotion day on the planet.


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