China’s space probe sends video from Mars


The Chinese space agency released on Friday (12), videos captured by the probe “Tianwen-1”, while flying over the orbit of Mars. In images taken on a Martian day, the surface of the planet appears in the middle of a black sky. It is also possible to see white craters along its entire length. The images were taken two days after the probe entered the orbit of Mars.

In May, an unmanned vehicle is expected to detach itself from the probe and attempt to land on the Utopia plain, northern hemisphere of the red planet.

Check out the video released by the public network CCTV:

This is the first step in a grandiose Chinese space program for years to come. The country has the goal of establishing a space station inhabited in 2022 and sending an astronaut to the Moon by 2030. The Chinese hope to achieve, in the first attempt, all the achievements that the United States has achieved since the 1960s, in various missions on the red planet.

China launched “Tianwen-1” (“Questions to Heaven-1” in Chinese) on 23 July. To take advantage of the conjunction of the end of 2020 – a time when Earth and Mars are closer to each other every 26 years – the missions of the United States and the United Arab Emirates were also launched. With the so-called “Al-Amal” (“Hope”), the Arab population achieved a historic feat when they started their first interplanetary mission.


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