China’s 16th crypto rankings released: The best and worst


CCID, a research organization affiliated with the Chinese government, scored 37 different cryptocurrency projects in the 15th crypto rankings.

Supported by the Chinese government, the China Information and Industry Development Center (CCID) has released the first cryptocurrency project ratings of the year.

In the last report, a total of 37 cryptocurrency projects were included, and cryptocurrencies were ranked in three categories. These are basic technology, applicability and creativity. The new report, published on Friday, is the 16th of the bi-monthly reports.

The best
CCID gave the highest score to EOS, TRON and Ethereum as a result of its evaluations.

EOS reached the top with 105.4 points in basic technology, 24.4 in applicability and 27.4 in creativity, with a total of 157.3 points.

EOS was followed by TRON. The project, founded by Justin Sun, took 93th place with 93.6 points in basic technology, 29 in applicability and 17.7 in creativity, with 139.6 in total.

Ethereum was given 77.1 in basic technology, 31.3 in applicability and 27.8 in creativity. Reaching 136.1 in total, Ethereum has ranked third in itself.

The top 5 were formed as follows:

EOS (157.3)
TRON (139.6)
Ethereum (136.1)
Lisk (109.8)
STEEM (109.5)
On the other hand, this month Bitcoin fell from 9th to 11th, and Bitcoin Cash fell from 27 to 34.

The worst
IOTA, which has recently undergone a major attack among the ones with the worst score in the rating, is remarkable. Apart from that, it is striking that Tezos is in the top 5 worst.

The worst top 5 were:

Decred (75.8)
Bytecoin (76.1)
IOTA (76.6)
Bitcoin Cash (76.8)
Tezos (79.3)


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