China: We Have Passed to the 2nd Stage on Vaccine


Chinese scientists working on the coronavirus vaccine announced that they passed to stage 2 in manned tests. After that, the largest scale stage required for vaccine production, that is, the third stage.

Vaccine development studies continue in many countries against the epidemic of coronavirus, which has spread to 188 countries and regions worldwide, spread to more than 8.8 million people and killed more than 464 thousand people.

A happy information came from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Medical Biology. He explained that Chinese researchers have begun the second stage of manned tests for possible coronavirus vaccine.

Before the final stage

While the World Health Organization warns that the coronavirus epidemic is accelerating and the world is entering a new and dangerous stage, many vaccines have reached different stages in humanized tests worldwide. However, the last step, which is the largest scale stage of any vaccine test in the world, has not been able to pass to the third stage clinical tests, which is a step that must be passed before the vaccine is available.

The institute announced on Saturday that they have started stage 2 manned tests for experimental work in a statement on social media channels today. Passing on to stage 2, this vaccine is one of the six vaccines where Chinese scientists perform manned tests.

Tests in stage 2 will determine the dose of the vaccine and continue to assess whether the potential vaccine will safely activate the immune system of healthy people. Gao Fu, director of the China Center for Disease Control and Protection, said last month that certain groups of people with special needs could use experimental vaccines in emergencies in late 2020.

In a statement made by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Institute of Medical Biology said they expect to use a facility specifically dedicated to coronavirus vaccine production this year to prepare for China’s future vaccine supplies.


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