China to offer COVID-19 vaccine for $ 60 in Jiaxing city


The city of Jiaxing in China will become the first to sell the COVID-19 vaccine, which will be available for just $ 60.

The race against covid-19 does not stop showing progress in the field of medicine, since in recent weeks countries such as the United States and Russia have presented their vaccines to eradicate and prevent the spread of the virus.

China was not far behind either, as it launched its vaccine called ‘CoronaVac’ to compete with the aforementioned countries, and it has been revealed that they will start selling the vaccine at a cost of only $ 60 in the city of Jiaxing.

In the last hours, this fact was positioned in the first places of today’s news, as the vaccine against covid-19 has become the new weapon to compete in terms of economy between world powers.

China sells covid-19 vaccine for $ 60

The authorities of the health department of the city of Jiaxing, located in the eastern province of Zhejiang, announced that starting this Friday, October 16, they will put their vaccine against covid-19 on sale.

The vaccine was made by the pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech, it will cost approximately $ 60 to be acquired by essential workers and high-risk groups, a considerably low price.

Likewise, it was revealed that at the center for disease control and prevention, ‘Coronavac’ will be on sale for 200 yuan, which is approximately $ 30, and that it is already applied to doctors and other key groups.

China seeks to conquer the covid-19 market

As we informed you in La Verdad Noticias, Russia announced its second vaccine, and the preparation of the third, so China seeks to position itself as the first country to produce the vaccine against covid-19 on a large scale.

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For this, agreements have been made with other Asian and even Latin American countries, who participate in clinical trials and have already “pre-ordered” millions of doses of the “CoronaVac” created by China.


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