China responds to US with its own global security initiative


China responded to the “Clean Network Initiative” – ​​proposed last month by the administration of Donald Trump, president of the United States – with an initiative to set global data security standards that respects the interests of all countries.

The U.S. Clean Network Initiative aims to keep China away from much of the Western Internet by blocking “untrusted” Chinese apps (according to rules set by Americans) from app stores. mobile devices, prevent Chinese operators from pre-installing American applications, keep US data out of Chinese cloud services, and protect subsea network cables.

“Shameless intimidation”

The global network security initiative, proposed by China, suggests that companies invest in digital security, sealing any backdoors that could be exploited in hacker attacks, while respecting the data laws of the countries where they operate.

In addition, it discourages countries from practices such as mass surveillance and spying on other nations.

For Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, it is important that there is a set of international rules on digital security, covering the needs of all countries involved, instead of blockages stemming from unilateral policies, which can be understood as “intimidation” brazen ”, since they are supported in terms of security, to prevent the growth of large foreign corporations.

In his statement, Wang cites that leading companies are being hunted, which may be a reference to the sanctions the United States has imposed on TikTok and Huawei in recent months. ByteDance, owner of TikTok, is negotiating the sale of part of the company to an American company, so that the app is not banned from the country.


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