China prepares launch of probe to study the Sun in 2022


China will launch a probe to study the Sun’s activity. According to the South China Morning Post website, the equipment is in advanced stages of development and will be launched into space in the first half of 2022.

Called the Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory (ASO-S), the probe is composed of a magnetic detector, a solar telescope and an x-ray image processor that work non-stop in capturing and sending data. The idea is to check the magnetic fields and the formation of solar storms to help better understand climate change and possible damage to the Earth’s atmosphere.

The mission is expected to last up to four years, during which time the activity of a new solar radiation emission cycle reaches its peak and resumes. The satellite weighing a ton positioned in an orbit synchronized with the Sun, at a distance of 720 km from our planet.

This will be China’s first mission to study the Sun. In December 2020, a country’s space vehicle returned to Earth after successfully collecting data and samples from the Moon.

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