China Plans to Spread Anal COVID-19 Testing Nationwide


The anal COVID-19 test, which was applied for the first time in China in recent months and brought controversy, is planned to become widespread. Experts from Beijing Youan Hospital suggest that this method may be more effective than tests administered through the mouth and throat.

In some parts of China, it is planned to spread the anal COVID-19 test applied at airports to domestic and foreign visitors from domestic and abroad throughout the country. The test method, which was applied for the first time in recent months, brought along discussions and the experts were divided into two.

According to China, the anal COVID-19 test provides more effective results than mouth and nose tests in some cases. In the statement made by Beijing Youan Hospital, it was reported that some COVID-19 cases did not show symptoms, the results were negative in throat and oral tests, and the correct results in these people can only be obtained by anal testing method.

‘Since the virus is more intense in the anus area, the results are more accurate’

In a statement on the subject, Specialist Doctor Li Tongzeng stated that 90% of people caught with COVID-19 worldwide have an asymptomatic effect and therefore the virus has spread rapidly.

In his statement, Tongzeng said, “Many coronavirus patients show almost no symptoms in the first 4-5 days. Although the oral and nasal tests performed on these people are positive, they are negative. The results are more accurate because the virus is more intense in the anus area.”


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