China plans to install microchips on all dogs by 2021


The Chinese city of Shenzhen has announced that by the end of this year all domesticated dogs should receive an implant of a microchip, which will serve as identification for the pet.

The service will begin as early as this week, and regulators in the city are already receiving some microchip injection stations at partner veterinary clinics, according to a report by the Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau. on the institution’s page on Weibo.

The technology used in the chips has a 15-year durability forecast and should contain “personal” information about the dog, such as its name and breed. In addition, you will also have details about its owner, such as identity and contact information. All of this data will be recorded in a unique 15-digit number for each chip, which will be like a CPF or animal identification number.

Some details reveal that the chips used in these implants are imported from companies in other countries, which include the United States and Sweden. All implant costs are borne by the Shenzhen government and those who are unable to “implant” their pets by November 2020 will have to pay a fine to the city.

So far, not many details have been revealed about the real usefulness of these microchips in dogs in the city of Shenzhen, but those responsible for implementation point out that this microchip, which uses radio frequency identification technology, does not track the animal’s location or any other personal information of pet owners.

It is worth mentioning that, although peculiar, this is not the first time that something like this has been implemented. Some cities in the UK, Australia and Japan already use a microchip implant system in pets. Meanwhile, in Brazil, dogs can already have a kind of RG in some states of the country, but without the need to implant any type of chip in their body.

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