China May Further Delay Nvidia’s Purchase of ARM


China: Last Friday (30) The Information website reported that anticompetitive authorities in China would be delaying the evaluation of the ARM acquisition process by Nvidia. Announced in September 2020, the $40 million purchase has been criticized by big tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm.

According to the report, regulators have not yet started the formal review of the acquisition, which could take up to six months due to the high value of the transition. Although it is not clear why the delay, evidence indicates that two ARM partner companies — Huawei and ZTE — do not support the deal.

One of the reasons for the delay was that Nvidia delayed the delivery of documents to the European Commission and will have to wait for the end of the summer recess for regulators to begin evaluating the process. ARM gave 18 months to complete the purchase.

Fearing the possible limitation of products, technology giants have positioned themselves against the negotiation. Qualcomm said it would be interested in buying part of ARM’s shares if the company goes public rather than being sold to Nvidia.


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