China has a plan to become a world leader in AI


At the last annual meeting of the Chinese government, the group drew up a five-year plan to advance technologies that assist in “national security and general development” in the country. To that end, according to the Wall Street Journal, meeting participants agreed to create more laboratories, promote educational programs and increase investment in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčartificial intelligence, semiconductor, biotechnology and quantum computing research.

In addition, the government has also confirmed that it will create a research strategy for the next 10 years and that it will increase investments in discovery studies by 10.6% later this year.

Currently, China has a great technological advantage over the rest of the world, with 5G technology and a high volume of scientific research. The country intends to end its dependence on suppliers from the United States, as US trade bans have hurt companies like Huawei and ZTE, which depend on US chip manufacturing.

Space race

The rivalry between the two countries is not just on planet Earth. Last month, China struck a deal with the Russian government for a space exploration partnership in the coming years. With the experience of the Russian space travel agency, the country wants to install a long-term robotic presence on the Moon in 2030 and a long-term mission with human beings between the years 2036 and 2045. According to analysts, the partnership has great chances of decreasing US participation in space exploration.


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