China, Corona Virus Response Showed Due to Turkey


The deaths from Corona virus, which spread rapidly to the world after emerging in China, continue to increase. due to a virus transmitted to humans from animals confirmed to Turkey, he took the decision to stop imports from China live or dead animals. The Chinese side reacted to the decision.

In the statement made by the Ankara Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, “We welcome this decision with great confusion, we are seriously concerned and strongly opposed. The World Health Organization has clearly stated that it does not support, or even opposes, the trade restrictions against China.” The decision is against the spirit of WHO’s statement. We call on the Turkish side to maintain the good course of our bilateral relations. ”

The news that the purchase of live animals from China was stopped temporarily, yesterday, by Health Minister Fahrettin Koca. In addition, it was decided to temporarily stop the imports of all kinds of non-living animals, animal products and by-products from China ”.

This attitude can negatively affect the relations between the two countries.
In the continuation of the embassy statement, there is no evidence that the Corona virus has spread to any product, saying, “There is currently no evidence to support that the virus can spread with these products. Said limitation if implemented will damage the normal trade order between China and Turkey. This approach will hurt the feelings of our people and negatively affect our relations while the Chinese people are struggling with the epidemic with all their efforts. Moreover, the Turkish side’s taking such restrictions contradicts its previous attitude. We invite the Turkish side to approach the epidemic objectively and reasonably, and to evaluate the risk in a scientific and appropriate way. ”

Chinese Embassy underlined that cooperate to Turkey and fight the virus between China and Turkey to refrain from incorrect responses, urged the fight against the epidemic in the same boat by taking concrete steps and bilateral relations, he emphasized that directs to preserve the good trend. Following these explanations, the answers given will determine how the outcome of the event will be.


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