China Builds Blockchain Committee


China has started speeding up blockchain efforts in the past few weeks. The government has now set up a special committee to evaluate these efforts more effectively.

Blockchain Committee
According to official information released by the Chinese Government, a new committee on the blockchain has been set up in the country. The main task of this committee will be to set new standards for blockchain. Thus, blockchain projects in the country can be evaluated according to these standards.

According to the news of Cointelegraph, there are currently 71 names in this list. Some of these names work from institutions and organizations such as China Central Bank, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Tencent, Baidu and Zheijang University.

Studies Accelerated
The coronavirus, which today transmits almost 2 million people, was in China. Chinese authorities have managed to largely control this virus after months of struggle.

As the number of coronavirus cases in China decreased, life in the country started to return to normal. Meanwhile, projects delayed due to coronavirus started to come to the agenda again.

The Chinese Government had to slow down its blockchain activities a bit due to the coronavirus. However, with the virus under control, the government decided to speed up these efforts.

After the government stepped up its blockchain work, it also sent an order to local governments. In line with this instruction, managers in China will start supporting teams working especially in blockchain, 5G and artificial intelligence.


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