China blocks BTS products due to pro-Hong Kong


The advertising and images of the BTS boys have been removed from China, the country continues to implement new measures against K-pop idols, various media indicated that the customs of the Asian territory are preventing the entry of merchandise from the boy band .

BTS has become one of the most popular musical groups in the world. Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, RM and Suga are not only entertainment figures, they are now the voice of different social problems.

A few days ago, the Big Hit Entertainment band attended The Korea Society’s annual gala, where they received the Van Fleet Award, a recognition of celebrities, politicians and activists who help the good relationship between the United States and South Korea. .

RM’s speech was highly criticized by many Chinese netizens who began to fix their first impressions on the words of the BTS leader, which caused the images of the Bangtan Boys to be removed from different stores and malls.

Now, a new controversy has been generated in Chinese social networks, users believe that BTS launched a message of support for the independence of Hong Kong on its merchandise. What is it about?

The members of Beyond The Scene have a large fanbase in China, ARMY from that country is known for buying merchandise from idols and keeping an eye on all the activities of rappers and K-pop singers.

On Weibo, one of the most famous Chinese social platforms, posts from some young citizens circulate who rumored that Bangtan Sonyeondan idols would be sending a message of support for Hong Kong’s independence.

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BTS just released ‘be WATER’, a water bottle that is specially designed for ARMYs around the world, a Weibo user explained that the boy band’s merch could be a way to support protesters seeking independence From Hong Kong.

Many people did not hesitate to believe the information. Joshua Wong, who is one of the city’s independence leaders, has used Twitter to endorse his support for the members of the K-pop group. Joshua Wong launched an appeal to ARMY from around the world, the activist invited ARMY to join their force, the boy wrote:

When BTS is under unreasonable attacks during these difficult times, ARMY from around the world should stand by them and express our support.

Recently some brands such as Hyundai, Samsung and FILA withdrew all their ads from BTS in China, we invite you to visit: BTS advertising is withdrawn from stores in China.


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