China: Better Prevent TikTok From Selling To The US


Recently, it has often come to the fore that TikTok’s operations in the USA will be sold. However, according to a new claim, China prefers TikTok to be closed in the US rather than being sold.

After the tension between TikTok and the US administration, the sale of TikTok’s operations in the United States came to the fore and it was even revealed that giants such as Microsoft, Oracle and Twitter wanted to buy TikTok’s US operations. But the Chinese administration is not in the same direction on this issue.

According to the news in Reuters, the Chinese administration opposes the sale of TikTok’s activities in the USA. It is even stated that the Chinese administration preferred to close the application in the USA rather than selling TikTok’s US operations.

TikTok can be closed without being sold to the USA

We have stated that TikTok has been negotiating with various technology giants to sell US operations. US President Donald Trump had indicated mid-September as the deadline for concluding these talks. However, Chinese officials think such a forced sale would make China and ByteDance weak against Washington.

ByteDance, on the other hand, said in a statement to Reuters that the Chinese administration did not recommend that TikTok be shut down neither in the US nor in any other country. The two sources that revealed the news said that China is ready to use revisions in the technology export list to delay the deal made by ByteDance.

Chinese Foreign Minister Zhao Lijian was asked about Trump and TikTok at his meeting on Friday. Lijian stated that the US abused the concept of national security and used it to suppress foreign companies.

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US officials criticized the app for security and privacy, and stated that user data may have been shared with Beijing. TikTok, on the other hand, said it would not bow to requests to share user data with the Chinese administration. We will see what will happen to TikTok in the USA in the coming days.


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