China Banned Coronavirus Themed Game’s Steam Page


The game called Coronavirus Attack by a developer named MythZ has been blocked in China due to the political content it contains. The developer of the game said it developed the game as a protest to the Chinese government.

The coronavirus emerging in China and spreading all over the world in a short time is still not fully under control. The number of people infected with the virus caused by COVID-19 has exceeded 3 million.

Of course, a lot of content is produced about such a popular agenda. One of these contents was a game. A coronavirus-themed game was banned in China due to its political content.

Banned on coronavirus-themed game:
In the game, players need to prevent the ‘selfish zombies’ from escaping from a country infected by the virus in order to stop the coronavirus attack. After the game came out, it started to complain that it used similar colors with the Chinese flag.

The introduction of the game on the Steam page is as follows: “A virus that can turn people into selfish zombies has spread throughout the country. BENCIL-ZOMBI VIRUS CARRIERS trying to escape from the country. A secret laboratory to control the selfish zombie virus created Coronavirus, an antisombie virus against it. Your goal is to prevent the selfish zombie virus carriers from escaping and infecting others. You must destroy carriers as much as possible, collect more DNA to develop more lethal properties, and clean up carriers before developing immunity. ”

Players can also earn badges such as “Free Hong Kong” and “Taiwan is not in China” within the game. The developer of the game, MythZ, said in a statement on a website called Abacus that he developed the game as a protest against the Chinese government. MythZ also stated that the country is not satisfied with the strategy to deal with the epidemic. Some Steam users have called for the game to be completely removed from the Steam platform. A player who left negative comments about the game stated that people’s death was used as entertainment.

This game called Coronavirus Attack is not the first game blocked in China. A very popular game, Plague Inc. The game was also blacklisted in March. As you know, Plague Inc. You are trying to destroy the human race from the world by creating your own virus in the game.


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