China Bane Rede Social Clubhouse


The Clubhouse social network has been banned from Chinese territory. Discussions on issues sensitive to the Government, such as Human Rights, were multiplying on the platform. According to Reuters, users started reporting difficulty accessing the app earlier this week.

The social network has gained popularity mainly in the last few days. Accesses multiplied because users saw space for discussions on issues such as the persecution of Uighurs, an Islamic minority with a presence in China, and the independence of Hong Kong.

Chinese even talked about the ban on Weibo, a platform similar to Twitter. Hashtags on the subject have been created and some have been viewed more than 50,000 times. All references to the Clubhouse, however, began to be suppressed and censored by the authorities of the Asian country.

The Clubhouse has been gaining popularity not only in China. The platform, which offers audio chats, can only be accessed through invitations, and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher and Elon Musk have already announced their presence. In Brazil, the director of Big Brother Brasil, Boninho, has been interacting with fans there.

Chinese censorship

China has the so-called “Great Firewall”, a security system that blocks various websites and social networks like YouTube, Google and Instagram. In addition to these platforms, Western news portals are also not accessible to citizens of the country.

Chinese journalist Melissa Chan wrote on Twitter that she felt she was “consuming free speech at the Clubhouse”. Journalist James Griffiths also published that the main Chinese channels on the social network were being created mainly by dissidents from Taiwan and Hong Kong. In these countries, the Great Firewall does not work.

The Chinese tabloid Global Times even addressed the issue on Monday (08). However, the Clubhouse news article brought testimonials from people who said the platform was “boring” and that political discussions brought “rumors without evidence” about China.