China and Russia formalize agreement to build lunar base


The governments of China and Russia signed this Tuesday (9) the memorandum for the construction of a research station on the Moon. According to information released by the state press of both countries, the agreement was signed by the head of the space agency Roscosmos, Dimitri Rogozin, and China National Space Administration official Zhang Kejian.

According to the Chinese newspaper Global Times, the roadmap for building the base will be done jointly, but the project will be available to other partners or countries that are interested in the initiative. The European Space Agency is also eyeing the missions of the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) to decide whether to join the program. It was not disclosed how much the two countries intend to spend on the project.

The confirmation came after a series of rumors about a possible partnership between the countries.


According to information released in February, the objective of the project is to make long-term explorations in the ground and in the orbit of the satellite’s south pole. To this end, China intends to establish a long-term robotic presence on the satellite in 2030 and a long-term mission with human beings between the years 2036 and 2045. The first steps will be the Chang’e-, 6, -7 missions and -8 and international missions, such as Luna 27 from Russia.


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