Chilling details about three bodies and two dead dogs


On Tuesday, Irving Police reported that officers had found three bodies after hearing gunshots inside a residence, and investigators have now revealed chilling details of the deadly scene.

According to the police report, at around 11:17 am on Tuesday, October 20, police officers received a call from a woman who was not very clear about the reason for him call, but who managed to mention something about his brother.

The call lasted less than a minute, but patrols were dispatched to the residence located at Reanissance and W. 6th streets to check that everything was okay.

Upon arriving at the house the policemen heard that a man said “call the negotiator” and then shots were heard.

The agents had to force their entrance to the place, but inside they found three people without life: two women and a man. Also, two dogs were dead.

The victims were identified as Brandy Evett Olivares, 45. Sicilian Italease Ire Williams, 18 years old. The two women had gunshot wounds.

At the residence they also found James Benjamin Olivares, 45, who died after shooting himself, according to investigators.

Police reported that James was also a United States military veteran, the 18-year-old was his stepdaughter and Brandy his wife.

Researchers checked Olivares’ social media and found a message that said “I’m sorry.”

The man had been married to Brandy since 2010 and they had resided in Irving since 2018.

Authorities continue to investigate the case.


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