Chilling Corpse Movie Comes to Netflix in October


The horror and suspense film ‘Corpse’ is about to premiere on the Netflix platform, learn more about the mysterious plot of the Norwegian director Jarand Herdal and his cast.

The month of October is about to begin and horror films begin to become more popular, moviegoers wait for this time to shudder with stories full of suspense and with incredible settings.

Netflix could not be left behind with a terrifying proposal and on October 22, ‘Corpse’ or ‘The Corpse’ will be released worldwide, a disturbing film of Norwegian origin directed and written by Jarand Herdal, which features the performances of: Bente Borsum, Jonathan Rodriguez, Stig Frode Henriksen, Maria Grazia De Meo, Trine Wiggen, among many others.

‘Corpse’ tells the story of a family that suffers from hunger after a nuclear disaster, the owner of a hotel gives them his help, due to his charismatic and elegant personality the family trusts the striking businessman who offers them a free dinner, all It becomes confusing when mysterious performances are presented in the building’s theater.

The terror is magnified when the main characters wear golden masks, other hotel guests appear with this accessory, could it be that the protagonists shed their personality to stay alive?

In the trailer for ‘The Corpse’ that is available on the official Netflix channel on YouTube, a dark aura is appreciated, the main characters are forced to wander through the cold streets of the city, to later appear in a large hall Eating and drinking a great feast, at the end an empty voice says:

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It’s all part of the game

Watch the official trailer for the movie ‘The Corpse’:

Jarand Herdal wants the viewers of ‘Cádaver’ to ask themselves various issues such as what separates humans from animals, trust, appearances, how the misfortunes of some are used to please others.

What do you think of the proposal of the streaming platform to start the month of October? We are sure that ‘El Corpse’ will fill you with different emotions, so do not miss its launch this October 22.

If you don’t know which movies to watch on the Netflix platform, visit our movies section, where you will find recommendations for all genres, don’t forget to do your marathon and sit down to enjoy your films with your favorite snack!


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