Chiliz Announces That İt Burns $ 1 Million İn CHZ


Chiliz announced that it burned more than $ 1 million worth of CHZ to cover the first quarter of the year. Chiliz, which destroyed 2 million 23 thousand 97 units of CHZ in total, is traded at $ 0.521 for CHZ.

Chiliz destroys the amount of CHZ equivalent to 20% of the net transaction fee obtained through at certain periods of the year. The company carried out the second burning of 2021 on Thursday.

Much less than last quarter

Chiliz announced that during the first quarter of the year, it received a transaction fee of 10 million 115 thousand 487 CHZ in total for the transactions made with CHZ parities. Accordingly, 2 million 23 thousand 97 CHZ tokens were burned.

Chiliz burned more than 11 million CHZ on January 5, carrying out the destruction process covering the last quarter of 2020.

Company CEO Alexandre Dreyfus announced that they started working on Chiliz Chain v2 this week. According to CoinGecko data, CHZ broke a record by going to $ 0.87 on March 13.


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