Chiliz Announces Partnership with Manchester City

0 and Chiliz CEO Alexandre Dreyfus announced that they have reached an agreement with Manchester City. Stating that they are in talks with two more clubs in the Premier League, Dreyfus said that an agreement can be reached with 3-4 teams in total in the next quarter.

Cooperating with clubs such as Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, also added Manchester City to its partners. In a few weeks, Manchester City, like other clubs, will have issued their own fan token.

CHZ token, which gained value by 8.74% in 24 hours, is trading at $ 0.67.

Negotiations continue in the Premier League

Manchester City became’s first major partner in the Premier League. “Nobody wants to be first, but nobody wants to be last.” Dreyfus said that they are in talks with two more clubs after City and their goal for the next quarter is to reach an agreement with 3-4 Premier League clubs.

$ CITY fan token that can be used with the app; It will allow Manchester City fans to interact with the club digitally. It was reported that Locker Room users will receive 4 times more tokens than usual.

The company, which set foot in the American market with an investment of $ 50 million, announced that it started to meet with various officials in the USA. Saying that the rules in the USA are different than in Europe, Dreyfus said, “More clubs means more users.” he explained that the meetings are continuing.


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