Children’s Games: 5 best quotes from the franchise


The premiere of the second season of the SyFy series “Chucky” will take place on October 5, 2022, and since October is dedicated to autumn leaves, comfort and watching scary stories, this is great news. Lachlan Watson and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Sutton Strack will also appear on the show.

The horror franchise “Children’s Games” is one of the most popular, in the center of which is the evil and bloodthirsty doll Chucky. Chucky has no regrets about anything he has done, as he is the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray, and he has fun everywhere he goes. The films are known for their mannered tone and excellent characters, and there are also some memorable quotes in the franchise.

Andy confronts Chucky in “Child’s Play” (1988)
Chucky: We are friends to the end! Remember? Andy: This is the end, man!

Chucky is the eternal horror villain because he always talks, unlike some others who don’t say anything at all. Both are scary, as it’s pretty awful to hear the cruel and vile things that Chki thinks about, although at the same time he has a sense of humor.

In the first 1988 film, Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) is afraid of Chucky, but also angry at the fact that he killed Chucky’s mom’s good friend Maggie Peterson (Dina Manoff) along with others. When Chucky repeats his famous phrase from the Good Guy doll branding, Andy says it’s over for Chucky. This quote shows how cool Andy has become, but fans of the franchise also know that Chucky hasn’t really left.

Chucky returns in “Children’s Games 2” (1990)
“Surprise! Did you miss me, Andy? I definitely missed you.”

Fans don’t like Kids Games 3, and the 1990 sequel isn’t as good as the first one, since Andy lives in foster care. It’s terrible to see Andy away from his mom Karen (Katherine Hicks), as she was placed in a sanitarium for continuing to talk about an evil doll.

Chucky comes back for Andy and says this quote in a light-hearted tone, knowing that Andy will be completely furious when he sees him. Andy never thought that he could really escape from this killer doll, since since then Chucky has been chasing him every waking moment, and now Andy is even more afraid.

Tiffany and Chucky Joke in Seed Of Chucky (2004)
Tiffany: “I won’t get pregnant again, that’s what I’ll tell you. My mother always said, “Once is a blessing, the second is a curse.” Chucky: “Well, that would explain your sister.”

Seed Of Chucky is ahead of its time as Chucky and Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly) have a child Glen/Glenda who is not binary. Chucky and Tiffany accept them, which is important to see, and it proves that this is a horror franchise that cares about LGBTQ+ rights and also talks about important social issues.

Chucky and Tiffany have a wonderful relationship, as they are, of course, evil dolls. But they also have some hilarious exchanges throughout the franchise as they joke a lot. The killer objects perfectly hear how they complain about the family, as it also concerns the unexpected.

Jake is looking for a doll in Chucky (2021)
“He’s still there. We have to find him and kill him.”

Jake Wheeler (Zachary Arthur) is shocked to learn that his Good Guy doll is evil in the first season of Chucky, and his journey is similar to Andy’s, as the two characters realize that they can never get away from Chucky. They also both know that they have to stop him from hurting other people, and this is a huge burden for them.

Like horror movies with the best main characters, the series about Chucky has a teenager who thinks about who he is, what he had to go through and how to move on. Jake cares about everyone around him and feels a sense of duty and responsibility to put an end to Chucky’s reign of terror, which is interesting to watch as Chucky does not tolerate it. It will be interesting to see how Jake and Chucky fare in the second season.

Chucky talks about his baby in the 2021 TV series
“I’m Not a Monster.”

Chucky is a successful reboot TV show because Chucky talks to Jake about his baby and how much he loves them. When Jake is shocked to hear Chucky’s compassion, Chucky says, “I’m not a monster.”

This is the best moment of the entire first season, as it proves that there is a little humanity inside Chucky, which makes you think, given the fact that he is a serial killer and has been attacking, torturing and killing people for many years. While many of Chaka’s quotes border on funny or shocking, this one is touching.


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