Child sleeps on top of cell phone and suffers back burn


In the northern part of Rio de Janeiro, a seven-year-old child suffered a back burn after sleeping on a cell phone. The fact occurred on Sunday night (06).

The parents said the girl took out her cell phone to play while they were sleeping. After using the smartphone in bed, the girl ended up falling asleep and spent the night on top of the device, a Samsung Galaxy A20 model, which was not plugged in. When he woke up, the next day, the child had a mark on his back, which started to hurt hours later.

The parents said that they even played with their daughter, saying that the stain on her back was due to the fact that she had not bathed properly the day before. However, in the afternoon, the girl complained of pain. That was when his parents realized that the stain was darker and shaped like a smartphone.

The child’s mother recorded a video about the incident to alert other family members, which was shared on Twitter by a victim’s cousin.

The mother walks called on other parents not to let their children take their cell phones to bed, due to the risk of accidents. In the video, she said the girl was having trouble walking.

Samsung issued a note on the case

In a statement, Samsung said that it follows “globally rigorous standards of control and quality to ensure safety and the best user experience”, and that it is in contact with the family to guarantee access to the device, which will be analyzed for its operation.


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