Chicago Police Star Confirms Shocking Departure Will Take Place In Season 10


The upcoming fall TV season will already be very different from what viewers watched a year ago, especially when it comes to the interconnected pay of mega-producer Dick Wolf on NBC. Chicago Police is the latest prime-time hit to face a major departure from casting, as fan favorite O.G. star Jesse Lee Soffer has confirmed he’s giving up the drama after ten years as Detective Jay Halstead. Just when you thought happier times might really be on the horizon.

It is currently unclear exactly what will happen to Halstead in the Chicago police department. on its own, though, it sounds like fans can 100% expect Jesse Lee Soffer to get some form of goodbye, unlike his character written between seasons. In his statement to Variety, Soffer confirmed his farewell in such a way that the actual exit window was completely vague, saying:

I want to thank the incredible fans for their unwavering support over the past 10 years and I want to express my deepest gratitude to Dick Wolf and all the employees of Wolf Entertainment, Peter Jankowski, Matt Olmsted, Derek Haas, Michael Brandt, Rick Eid, Gwen Segan, NBC, Universal Television, my colleagues on the set and our incredible team. Creating this hour-long drama week after week has been the love affair of everyone concerned with the show. I will always be proud of my time as a Child. Jay Halstead.

All we can know for sure at this point is that Halstead won’t live to see the middle of season 10, as Soffer will be leaving at some point in the fall, almost certainly in the episode that comes out after the premiere. After all, the actor had previously shared photos from the set after the start of filming for the tenth season, in particular, he and co-star Tracy Spyridakos, along with recently promoted star Benjamin Levi Aguilar, whose officer Dante Torres, apparently, will not spend the next season. I’ve been learning Halstead’s wise advice for several years. Judging by the way Soffer speaks in the past tense, he has already filmed his last scenes.

Soffer also took to Twitter to share the news along with a shorter message addressed to fans saying:

It’s sad, but true. I just want all the fans to know how grateful I am. You guys, why are we doing this! It’s a great honor. I love you all ❤️

This will mark the end of the long and successful career of Jesse Lee Soffer, who first introduced Jay Halstead to the audience at the premiere of the second season of “Chicago Fire” before the release of the spin-off. While the 187+ episodes he’s starred in can’t compare to the 502 parts of “How the World Turns” he was in before everything that happens in Chicago, I dare say more fans will be upset about this than because of his exit from the soap opera. Especially considering that he finally married Upton Spiradakos in season 9 and made Upstead a legally binding name of the shipper, giving hope that we’ll see this relationship continue to blossom along with their supposedly difficult future with Jason Bege’s Voight after the season 9 finale.

Alas, some of them will have to live only in our imagination, although fans can always relive the past nine seasons with Peacock’s subscription both before and after his last episodes.

Last year, the Chicago police underwent a change of showrunner: the previous boss Rick Ade shifted his duties to focus on Dick Wolf dramas, produced the shows “Law and Order” and “CBS FBI” and “Police Police”. Writer/executive producer Gwen Segan takes over. And when it comes to Wolf Entertainment projects, Soffer’s departure is almost as shocking as the recent news that “Law & Order: IED” is losing Amanda Rollins from Kelly Giddish in season 24. prime-time programming as a cost-saving measure.

Chicago Police Season 10 will join other “Windy City” dramas when it premieres on Wednesday, September 21, at 22:00 as part of NBC’s “One Chicago Wednesday” program. Go to our TV premiere schedule for 2022 to see all the other major fall debuts.


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