Chicago Police Season 9 Finale Makes Upton a Big Hypocrite


The finale of the 9th season of Chicago Police makes Hayley Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) a big hypocrite. The NBC police investigation in Chicago ended its ninth year when intelligence finally took on Los Temidos. However, the team’s victory was accompanied by some losses, as well as the death of Anna Avalos (Carmela Zumbado) Hank Voight (Jason Bege), Civil Information (CI). As the leader of the unit mourns the last tragedy in his life, Anna’s demise may also lead to new problems in “Intelligence” in the 10th season of Chicago Police.

In season 9 of the Chicago Police, each member of the task force dealt with their own problems. For Upton, this included coming to terms with the random murder of a suspect when Voight and, eventually, Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) covered it up. All together, intelligence has directed all its efforts to destroy the infamous Los Temidos gang. They needed Anna’s help in completing the task, but although they succeeded, KI was killed by Upton after becoming a fraud.

On the eve of the climax of the intelligence hunt for Los Temidos, Anna begins to be paranoid about the gang leader Javier Escano (Jose Zuniga) killing her and her son. So she takes matters into her own hands and kills him instead. Voight is determined to save his informant, and Halstead wants to help him, but Upton is against the idea. First of all, she didn’t think Anna was worth all the trouble. Secondly, she didn’t want to participate in Voight’s unofficial operation trying to contact his informant. That makes her a big hypocrite. In the season 7 finale of Chicago Police Tracy Spyridakos, Hayley Upton killed crime boss Darius Walker (Michael Beach) after he ordered the murder of her own informant, which was much more brutal than how Anna killed Escano. It’s also worth remembering that both Voight and Halstead worked hard to protect her after she accidentally killed a suspect in the Chicago Police Season 8 finale. Voight was willing to take all the blame, and yet Upton is more than willing to let her boss hang by a thread.

How the 10th Season of Chicago Police Is Changing Voight and Upton’s Relationship

It’s no secret that Voight loved Anna in the 9th season of Chicago Police. It took a while before they both opened up to each other because of their injuries, but over time they established an almost father-daughter relationship. From Voight’s point of view, this may have something to do with his relationship with Erin Lindsay. The Chicago PD character Sophia Bush had a special relationship with Voight; in addition to being her boss, he also saved her from the streets. Given Voight’s close relationship with Anna, he may have inadvertently harbored a grudge against Upton for shooting her, even if she only did it to save his life. Learning that Upton was not involved in the rescue of KI could even aggravate the situation for the couple, which could lead to tension within Intelligence.

No matter how integral the cases they solve are, the dynamics of the intelligence team are just as interesting to watch in the Chicago police. It will be interesting to see how Anna’s death affects Voight and his relationship with Upton. This will be especially difficult, since for the first time Voight has finally opened up to Halstead, which puts the detective at the center of a potential conflict between his boss and his wife.


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