Chicago Police: 3 Conclusions From The Chilling Cliffhanger That Set The Stage For The Fall Finale


There are spoilers ahead for the eighth episode of Chicago Police. The 10th season is titled “Under the Skin”.

Chicago police have taken a short break from investigating Sean O’Neal as a sex trafficker for much of “Under the Skin,” shifting the focus to Burgess to take a look at how she’s coping with the trauma of near-death. than a year ago. In the end, she still couldn’t fully comprehend her feelings about it, which eventually led to her plunging into work and making a breakthrough in the case against Sean, which could allow Intelligence to defeat him in the upcoming fall season 10 finale. .

Burgess never got closure on her shooting, as she didn’t know Upton had killed the person responsible and Voight had covered it up, so there was a lot of emotional pain she tried to avoid in “Under the Skin.” The intelligence department closed the case of the week, but Burgess was shaky enough that Ruzek questioned her about it, and she ended the episode by avoiding going home to him and instead joining Upton in her obsessive attempt to find evidence against Sean.

So, since the expectation of the fall finale begins in a few weeks, let’s take a look at “Under the Skin” and the chilling cliffhanger to find out what happens next.

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Burgess and Upton dug up the body

After Burgess established that Sean had repeatedly traveled to the cabin in Wisconsin, she and Upton realized that the cabin might be the missing piece in the search for evidence against him. The women joined forces, drove up to the now abandoned house and began digging in the dirt in the basement, similar to a bunker. Soon they found something: a skeleton.

So, it wasn’t exactly written “SEAN WAS HERE” on the skeleton, and mushrooms were growing in the mud, indicating that no one had bothered this place for a long time, but the bones give the first solid clue that can really allow them to take him down and prevent him from ever selling (or killing) another teenager. “Under the Skin” may have been mostly about how Burgess is coping with his injury, but the final moments set up what should be a tense final episode of 2022.

P.D. It’s best with emotional arcs to go with the cases

Chicago PD is very procedural, with the exception of cases like Sean O’Neal this season and Anna Avalos in season 10, which are reviewed from time to time, and characteristics from one episode don’t always carry over to the next when the focus shifts between characters. . I’m already sure that “Under the Skin” will be a memorable episode of the 10th season, but not because of the case.

Burgess’s memories of her injury (and Marina Skverchati, who trashed the performance) made this episode more noticeable than the case of the week, and reminded me that this show is best when it balances a procedural format with some emotional arcs. Season 10 did this to a certain extent in the first half of season 9 due to the tension between Upton, Halstead and Voight, and further character development continuing from episode to episode could make Season 10 even better.

Burgess and Upton should share more scenes

I have long believed that the ladies of the Chicago police. They should spend more time together, and Marina Squerciati has previously suggested exploring Burgess and Upton’s relationship, while Tracy Spiridakos also said she would like to see more women sharing scenes. “Under the Skin” just proved what a formidable team two characters can be when they actually pair up in a one-on-one scene.

In fact, they solved the case against Sean together (at least enough for the body), so I vote for the Chicago police. to show more of Upton and Burgess as a duo when the show returns to the 2023 TV premiere schedule.

A lot of small conclusions can be drawn from this episode, not the least of which is that Burzek’s attempt to raise Makayla and her friend during a pajama party was absolutely charming, but these three are likely to affect the final of the fall and the consequences in the new year.

Find out with the fall finale of Chicago P.D. on Wednesday, December 7, at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC, following the Chicago fire (which just turned into a tragic turn for Gallo) at 9 p.m. and Chicago Med (who will say goodbye to Brian Tee as Ethan Choi) at 8:00 p.m. If you want to go back to earlier PD episodes, you can do it streaming with a Peacock Premium subscription.


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