Chicago PD: Voight’s new decision in episode 12 that threatens his career


Chicago PD, the police drama of the NBC transmission network will air this Wednesday, January 19 with the 12th episode of season 9, showing on the screens of the fans another case in which the members of the intelligence unit try to fight crime, but one bad decision could ruin everything. (Spoilers for episode 12)

Fans of the hit crime and police procedural series set in the Windy City have witnessed over the years how Chicago PD intelligence unit chief Hamk Voight (Jason Beghe ), used to solve things. The tough policeman, trying to be vigilant, usually acts outside the law and this has caused him many problems.

Even though Chicago PD Hank Voight has been thrown into sticky situations because of his approach to catching bad guys, the tough cop continues to make bad decisions. In a recent case, he was the intellectual and material author in the forced disappearance of the corpse of a criminal named Roy Walton, who died at the hands of Hailey Upton for being responsible for shooting Kim Burgess at the end of season 8.

This fact brought serious consequences to Voight and for this reason he was about to go to prison. However, he eventually figured out how to get by with the help of Jay Halstead. It seems that the sergeant does not shy away, as in episode 12 of season 9 of Chicago PD, fans of the show will once again see Voight making a bad decision regarding an informant.

In this week’s installment, Chicago PD Hank Voight puts his trust where he shouldn’t. Beghe’s character believes that this individual can get the job done despite not being in the best position. In this way, he risks the operation ruining all the intelligence work that had been done.

For Voight in particular, having a failed operation right now is far from ideal. Recall that he has struggled to maintain the trust of some of his team after the Roy Walton investigation, to the point that Halstead demands to be included in any future plans. Now, the tension between these characters could easily boil over after another bad decision by the rude sergeant, who has been seen doing worse things, but this is one more that could threaten his career. It is possible that this time fans will see him reflecting on it.