Chicago PD: Season 8 premiere discusses police racism


Chicago PD made its comeback with season 8 of the series and the tension is higher than ever! The relationship of the Intelligence Unit is complicated in two ways, both internally, between members, and externally, with the public.

As Atwater refuses to modify his testimony, he begins to think that something bad is about to happen, especially with regard to Doyle and his cronies. As we found out later, Atwater’s thinking was not paranoid, as he and Ruzek end up finding heroin implanted in the car as a way to incriminate him.

Despite this, the events do not end there. Check out the recap and understand what else happened at the premiere of the 8th season of Chicago PD!

More details of the 8×1 episode of Chicago PD

Atwater’s situation is complicated, but Ruzek relieves his lust a little by showing his full support and leaving him free to better understand how he intends to deal with the whole situation. Atwater ends up going back and says that the two men were not really criminals.

The Intelligence Unit itself is placed against the wall when the superintendent, played by Nicole Ari Parker, shows that Voight is not managing the team well, bringing results below expectations.

As for the public’s reaction, things are just as complicated. Witnesses are increasingly reluctant to cooperate with the team, even throwing a bottle at Ruzek – who almost retaliates on impulse, but is held by Burgess, who definitely does not want to risk losing his career, something more and more likely happening.

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Even though he suffered previously, Atwater is not yet free. He is approached by two police officers after supposedly passing a red light. As you can see, the whole situation seems to have been set up to apprehend the police with the drugs implanted, but fortunately, he had found them before.

After all, Atwater still wants to do things the way he thinks is right, even after talking to Voight and realizing he won’t have a source of support in him.

As the premiere episode of season 8 of the Chicago PD moves towards the end, it only becomes more evident that the whole focus on Atwater is still far from over, as in the last moments we see the policeman being attacked outside the house.

The series is bringing an important discussion about racism in a raw and painful way, but essential for the public to discuss more about this topic so latent in society.


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