Chicago PD: Actress Reveals Details About Finale of Season 8 of The Series


Chicago PD: In a recent interview with TV Insider, actress Marina Squerciati, interpreter of police officer Kim Burgess, spoke about the context of the last episode aired by Chicago PD and also commented on what may happen in the course of production. According to her, the outcome of the 8th season will be surprising to the public.

Last Wednesday (5), NBC aired a decisive episode for some characters in the series. This is the case with Kim, who had to make a very important decision throughout the narrative. In “Trouble Dolls”, in addition to a very violent case and at the same time difficult to be solved, the police had the conflict of the adoption of Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams) to resolve.

“Kim and Makayla are taking small steps, they are not officially a family yet, but they are learning how to deal with it,” revealed the actress. “We recognize that [Kim] and Makayla don’t have a perfect relationship, but they are getting used to it ”, He added on this subject.

Throughout the episode, Marina Squerciati’s character almost gets shot during a job chase.

The bullet goes through her jacket, but luckily it doesn’t hit her – something that she remembers at the end of the episode. “She shouldn’t be wearing [that jacket], especially [because] she doesn’t want Makayla to see her that way, but it is something that happens,” she explained.

Chicago PD: Marina Squerciati comments on the outcome of season 8

In the coming weeks, the Chicago PD audience will have more emotions ahead of them. According to Marina Squerciati, the end of the 8th season will be very different from what fans are used to and will mark a kind of break for the development of new episodes from that point on.

“It’s a crazy and explosive end to the season,” she said. “The first part will be more focused on the character of Nicole Ari Parker [Samantha Miller] and the second part will show [Sergeant Hank] Voight [played by Jason Beghe] a little more,” she said.

“It’s wonderful, because everyone gets beaten up, so to speak, in the last episode. Everyone will be a little different ”, she concluded.

Don’t miss out! New episodes of Chicago PD will be shown on Wednesdays by NBC.


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