Chicago PD 9×7: Halstead Confronta Voight


Chicago PD‘s weather seems to be getting warmer. This is what the preview of the 9×7 episode of the series recently released by NBC shows.

Apparently, the secrecy between Upton and Voight will once again be the highlight of the show, as we can see Healstead confronting the head of the Intelligence Unit by saying he no longer trusts him.

Check out the full preview:

Entitled “Trust Me”, the new chapter of Chicago PD, which will be aired this next Wednesday (10), also had its synopsis revealed by the North American broadcaster.

“As the team works to bring down a drug ring, Voight gains the trust of a new informant. However, it soon becomes clear that she has a plan of her own.”

In that way, it looks like the series will finally take a break from the recent dynamic of focusing on just one character per episode, and move on to exploring past events.

In Brazil, the first 8 seasons of the show are available on Globoplay.

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