Chicago PD 8×7: Ruzek meets an old friend


The episode of the week of Chicago PD brings yet another case that affects the personal values ​​of intelligence officers. This time, an old friend of Ruzek’s causes a moral dilemma for the police.

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Intelligence works in disguise in its most recent case. Ruzek and Halstead are almost shot. However, two of the meth dealers affiliated with the gang they are investigating are shot.

Kim finds messages from a person who is threatening traffickers. Ruzek asks to bring in his trusted informant, Tommy. When Adam comes to pick him up and ask for his help, he refuses and says that he is already happy with his family and that he doesn’t want to go back to the job. Ruzek then offers to erase his police records and a sum of money. With that, Tommy provides the name Logan Teague as a potential suspect and goes with Adam to meet the possible criminal.

There, Tommy accepts the drugs that Logan offers, which doesn’t make the cops happy when they find out. However, the suspect says he will put him in contact with a man named Monahan.

Ruzek tries to help Tommy

The department confirms that Monahan is the prime suspect in a double murder. Voight asks Ruzek to bring Tommy to keep him clean until they need his help again. However, when Adam arrives at the house, his wife says that he has disappeared. Burguess and Ruzek find Tommy drugged and take him to the district, where they give him coffee before deciding that he can still play his part.

The police are informed that two more bodies have been found. Monahan executed another drug dealer and his girlfriend. After that, Ruzek takes Tommy to meet with Logan again. Once there, the criminal offers drugs again and, when Tommy refuses, with a gun, he threatens Ruzek to ingest.

In that moment, Adam strikes the revolver and dominates Logan. Burguess and Atwater arrive and witness the scene before arresting the dealer. Voight is not happy to learn how Ruzek handled the situation. Ruzek gets Monahan’s contact to keep the negotiations in Logan’s place.

Later, Adam goes to Tommy’s house, where his wife tells him how sick he is. Ruzek tries to help his friend, however, ends up taking him to a place where he gets more drugs.

The final fight leaves consequences

At the meeting with Monahan, the criminal agrees to do business with Tommy and Ruzek. The act is a cue for the rest of the team to invade your warehouse. With that, a shooting begins. Monahan shoots Tommy, which causes Ruzek to shoot Monahan. Neither survives.

Subsequently, Ruzek admits that he hesitated to shoot Monahan and regrets that Tommy had to be hit first. Voight points out that the work of the police has now changed, and that decisions have much more weight. Adam insists that “what is right is right”.

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