Chicago PD 8×2: Atwater finalmente enfrenta Voight


Season 8 of Chicago PD came to prove that Atwater not only deserves the character role that carries the entire series, but that he is also taking episodes to a whole new level. After all, in a few minutes of the 8×2 episode, he already managed to turn the tables with Kenny Nolan with mastery!

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Since Atwater assumed his truth and decided to fight racism, he has suffered prejudice from almost everywhere. When it started to affect his family, he realized that he could no longer be quiet and just endure alone.

Nolan began to give absurd orders to try to undervalue Atwater, who, in turn, managed to stand his ground. Then, he started beating his boss in the game itself, turning his tricks on him. When Nolan says that he “will no longer be a police officer”, Atwater replies: “maybe I don’t want to be a police officer anymore”.

This was certainly one of the most satisfying moments of this new episode of Chicago PD. They are at the dinner table and Atwater begins to give a detailed description of what it would be like if Voight did not give up, managing to double his superior, but without using brute force.

Fortunately, Nolan knows that the moment when Atwater gives up being a police officer will be the moment when the anti-racist movement will win the battle. In addition, Atwater makes it clear that “my job will be to go after you and destroy you.” So Voight finally gives up and admits that Atwater will never stop fighting for what he believes.

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However, the problem is that Atwater’s battles at home still seem far from over. Their children refuse to accept a basketball as a gift, showing that they still bother with their work.

Atwater hopes that by doing things differently at the police station, he will be able to prove that positive changes are possible and that he intends to be a better police officer, not just for himself and his family, but for the whole community.

The Atwater conflicts, of course, were the highlight of the 8×2 episode of Chicago PD and should still yield great stories as the series gets closer to what is happening in real life, while protests against racism and police violence continue to take over. United States.


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