Chicago PD 8×16: All About The Series Finale (Spoilers)


Chicago PD: Want to know what happened at the end of the Chicago PD season? The 8×16 episode marked the end of season 8 and revealed Burgess’s fate after she was kidnapped while investigating a case of human trafficking.

Check out the full 8×16 episode recap below!

Chicago PD Season 8 Finale Details

The crime of the last episode was undoubtedly one of the heaviest of the season. Intelligence had to deal with a trafficking and murder scheme for young women and a mission resulted in the disappearance of Burgess.

No wonder Ruzek was too distracted to think clearly. He needed Upton to remind him of his role as Makayla’s tutor in case something happened to Burgess. Otherwise, Ruzek would end up putting his own life in danger.

Meanwhile, Burgess is trying to negotiate with his kidnapper. The criminal’s partner arrives at the scene and shoots both his colleague and Burgess. The police officer pretends that she is dead to keep herself safe, and when she is sure that she is alone, she begins to rummage in the dead man’s pockets to find a way to break free. She also uses the belt of his pants to stop the bleeding in his abdomen.

The problem is that the injury is serious and, as much as she manages to break free and break a car window to escape, Burgess does not take long to pass out.

Back at the police station, the police are still trying to find her by all possible means. Voight decides to create search teams, with Atwater and Halstead following a lead they received, and Ruzek and Upton asking around the neighborhood if anyone had any idea where she might be.

Atwater and Halstead are the first to find Burgess unconscious and badly injured. They took her to the hospital as quickly as they could and warned the rest of the team. Luckily, even with all the blood loss, she’ll live for more seasons of Chicago PD!

In the midst of all this, Voight was using his own violent methods to interrogate a suspect before discovering that his colleague had already been found. Upton needs to convince him not to kill the man and what happened moves the girl a lot. Back at her apartment, she finds Halstead about to visit Burgess at the hospital and the girl has no hesitation in telling her partner that she loves him. More than that: she suggests that the two get married.

The Chicago PD season finale ends with a scene of Voight burning the body of the criminal she was interrogating, ending any evidence that he could have anything to do with her death. What did you think of the season 8 finale? Leave your comment below!


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