Chicago PD 8×15: Samantha Miller Questions Her Decisions



Chicago PD‘s 8th season moves into its final episodes, with only two episodes until the season finale. Even with the confirmation that the series will have its 9th season, this does not mean that there are not yet many points to be solved.

In the promo for episode 8×15, detectives investigate a series of crimes, while Samantha Miller questions her decisions.

See the full trailer below:

Chicago PD 8×15: what will happen in the episode?

Titled as “The Right Thing”, the new episode seems to be full of action and twists. Samantha Miller, the deputy superintendent, has already played a very important role this season and it seems that the character returns to be central while the detectives investigate a series of mysterious crimes.

In addition, Hank Voight still fears that the relationship of Hailey Upton, who is now dating her partner, Jay Halstead, could jeopardize their work. In the last episode, a wrong decision by Hailey caused the superior and herself to doubt her judgment. Upton even asked to switch partners, but Voight believes the two need to find a way to work together.

The disappearance of a woman’s child, the lack of time to solve the crime and the urgency of the case are plaguing the preview released of the episode 8×15 of Chicago PD. Samantha Miller’s role in the case and the way the team will come together to uncover secrets bigger than they think will be very interesting to watch.

The next episode of the 8th season of Chicago PD will air next Wednesday (19). So keep an eye out so you don’t miss any details about the series!

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