Chicago PD 8×15: Follow The Rules or Save a Life? (Spoilers)


Chicago PD: One of the biggest twists in the series opened the door to a season finale for the 8th season of Chicago PD that promises to be electrifying. While Miller’s decisions mean she has to deal with grief and guilt, one of the policemen is attacked and her future is uncertain.

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More details of the Chicago PD 8×15 episode

Voight met Miller’s son, Darrell, and Intelligence decided to accept his case. After all, they believed it would be quick and that it could help them catch a drug dealer. However, what they found was much bigger and a turnaround called into question the way police officers deal with their cases.

Following the rules has always been important for police officers. However, as the police series has shown us on several occasions, not always acting according to the rules brings the best results for everyone. In this particular case, the fear of breaking protocols led to Darrell’s death and Miller’s guilt.

Although Voight’s methods are not always traditional and many question his decisions, there is a reason why he is responsible for Intelligence. And without a doubt, apologizing for doing something outside the law would have been better than seeing your son die and living with guilt for the rest of your life.

Darrell spent his entire life hearing that he was not good enough, and as much as he made a lot of wrong decisions, this was his chance for redemption. He knew that Kent and Roy were involved in the trafficking of underage girls and, more than paying their drug debt, he wanted to help these girls.

Therefore, he did not follow the recommendations of Atwater and Ruzek. He wanted to save Sasha, but the whole situation was more than he could bear. So Miller’s fear of not following the rules led to his son’s death. She was right, of course, since circumventing the rules could send the wrong message to the citizens of Chicago. Still, there is no doubt that Darrell’s death was a blow.

The second half of the 8×15 episode focused on the cops’ attempt to end the human trafficking scheme, even with Darrell’s death hovering over them. This is the second episode of the season that addresses this type of crime and there is no doubt that fans need to have the stomach to see how it all works.

Everyone knows that there is no room for error and Roy and Kent cannot escape. In one of the biggest plot twists of the season, Burgess is attacked by a man (it is not possible to find out if it was Roy or Kent) and now she is missing. To find out what happened to her, we will need to wait for the Chicago PD season finale.

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