Chicago PD 8×14: Upston And Halstead Investigate Intrusions



Season 8 of Chicago PD addressed the work dynamics of Halstead and Upton now that the two are together. After all, their work is very dangerous and a relationship can make them risk their lives even more. The two must deal with a series of home invasions and their jobs are questioned.

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A kiss between Halstead and Upton marked the beginning of the episode. The next day, Platt informs Upton that Voight is looking for her, since she should have taught a class. Then, Upton says that she had a personal problem and that she is sorry for what happened. Voight enters the room and warns the team that they need to deal with a home invasion.

Halstead is responsible for interrogating the owner of the house. According to her, on returning to pick up the cell phone she had forgotten, a man wearing gloves closed her mouth and demanded that she hand over her belongings. There were two men wearing ski masks and they wanted their jewelry. Then, her husband, Peter, came down the stairs holding a gun, but was shot by one of the bandits.

For Upton, men are the same responsible for other invasions. Voight points out that the interval between invasions is getting shorter and shorter and that a new attempt could happen soon. Back at the police station, Ruzek manages to get the watch from one of the men and Burgess identifies the BMW of the bandits.

Then Upton and Halstead start following Jeff Tolan, who owns a store where BMW parked. Tolan admits that he knows the two thugs, but if he reveals his identity, he could be killed. The two tried to pawn jewelry and Rolex, but Tolan deceived the men and now thinks they can come after him.

A third invasion the next day adds to the urgency of resolving the case, since the night before Halstead and Upton ended up making the bandits realize that the detectives are on their tail – which made Voight question their ability to work together being a couple.

Upton discovers that all the victims participate in a club and, during his research, manages to identify the criminals: Miguel and RJ. They manage to capture Miguel and he tells his story: RJ saved him from starving when he lived on the street, so he does not intend to hand over his companion.

Still, Upton gets a hint that RJ can work as a driver at the club that the victims frequent. She and Halstead go to the scene and find RJ, who runs away by car. During the chase, RJ stops and takes some people hostage, but Halstead gets a clear field to shoot him. The bandit dies.


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