Chicago PD 8×13: Burgess Worries About Makayla


Chicago PD, there’s one thing we’ve already learned: if the episode is focused on Kim Bugess, it will be filled with emotion. With a surprising case involving pregnant women, she is increasingly concerned with protecting Makayla and makes a decision that, honestly, was even easy.

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More details of the Chicago PD 8×13 episode

The balance between Kim’s personal and professional life, the repercussions of the fight between her and Ruzek in episode 8×10 and the way Makayla is getting used to her new life were the highlights of this episode.

At first, Kim and Makayla’s life looks very good. However, the child has had to deal with many more traumas than most people his age, and it is clear that this would not be left behind overnight. She saw her entire family being murdered by her father, who still tried to do the same as she did. Soon, she will need time to overcome all of this.

Burgess wants to protect her and help her move on to have a great life. The problem is that her job is very dangerous and it can affect her relationship with her new daughter. As much as Kim always tries to leave work away from home, Makayla saw her with a gun and it scared her a lot. She doesn’t want to lose her mother and, at the same time, Kim doesn’t want to leave her alone in case an accident happens.

So she had no other choice: Kim knew she needed to appoint Ruzek as the child’s guardian in case something happened to her. Even having fought recently, the two still have a very strong bond and he is the right choice to take the reins of the situation if necessary.

And of course he accepted. Although the future of the two together is still uncertain, both seem willing to have a modern relationship that involves Makayla, thinking about the future and protection of the girl.

All of this happened while detectives handled one of the most surprising cases in Chicago PD. It all starts with a pregnant woman being thrown from the top of a building and shot. However, the situation is much more profound and they discover that a gang was conducting a kind of business to sell babies for adoption.

Contrary to what they imagined, pregnant women were not going to the United States to smuggle drugs, but to have safer births. But, soon after births, these children would be abducted to be sold to families looking for babies to adopt.

After putting an end to this practice, the team knows that Sofia’s death was not in vain. In her belongings, Kim finds some dolls and takes them as gifts to Makayla, completing the episode.

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