Chicago PD 8×12: Voight deals with an internal conflict


Chicago PD finally brought an entire episode with a focus on Voight! This is something that fans have been asking for months and, fortunately, it came with an episode full of emotion and twists, also proving how important it is to have a team you can count on. All of this, of course, with striking cases.

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More details of the Chicago PD 8×12 episode

In the new episode of the series, detectives are looking for a serial killer and rapist who recently got out of jail. Precisely because it is a complicated case, the team needed to be even more careful, since the rapist recently won a lawsuit against the police for erratic behavior.

The criminal in this Chicago PD episode is called Caleb Hoff and has tested all the limits of Voight’s patience. Although he wanted, to say the least, to end his life, Voight managed to remain calm enough to deal with the situation. That was one of the great strengths of the episode, showing how it has grown over time.

Lisa was the detective responsible for the case and she did everything she could to ensure that Caleb never killed a woman again. However, he was released and his crimes became even more brutal. His violence caused Voight to face a real moral dilemma about how to handle the case, and the whole fight makes sense. In spite of being a policeman, he is also a human being who does not agree with the level of evil that people can reach.

For him, stepping on eggs near a serial killer to do nothing that offends him is ironic without size. But, he knows that any slip can hurt his career and that of his colleagues, so he settles for following all the rules to be able to arrest Caleb again.

In the moments when Voight seemed closer to throwing everything in the air, Halstead was there to remind him to calm down and make sure they didn’t have to deal with any consequences of acts done on impulse.

Fortunately, unlike Lisa’s last arrest, when there was not enough evidence, this time they manage to find traces of DNA on the victims’ bodies and arrest Caleb once and for all. Better than that is the fact that, aside from covering up Martinez, Voight did nothing wrong that could harm him!

Even his decision to cover for her was understandable, since she felt guilty for everything that happened. In the end, he just wanted to protect the career of his colleague who has suffered enough.

Although the episode has not yet delved into Voight’s personal life, it was a very interesting chapter to get to know the character better. What did you think of the Chicago PD episode 8×12? Leave your comment below!


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