Chicago PD 8×11: Hailey needs to deal with past trauma


Chicago PD Continuing the airing of the 8th season, this week’s 8×11 episode touched delicate spots for Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos). After all, his great childhood trauma related to domestic violence was explored, which showed a little more about his past and the difficult routine he had with his family.

It seems that, from that point on, the character starts to truly face everything that still presented itself as something painful. It is worth mentioning that, in the 3rd episode of this season, she did not even manage to face her father after he suffered a heart attack.

Check out all the details of the Chicago PD 8×11 episode with our recap!

Chicago PD 8×11: Characters face signs of violence left behind

The title “Signs of Violence” presented an extremely solid case for the investigation of the police officers involved.

Although some scenes were difficult to watch, they proved to be very pertinent for the narrative construction of what would later be explored with greater agility. In this context, Upton answered a phone call that involved a child who had been through a lifetime of emotional and physical abuse.

She was immediately drawn to Becca’s (Stella Grace Fitzgerald) story when she recognized herself in that painful but hopeful face. The character made a great effort to help her and her determination was fundamental to the solution of the case, even if she disobeyed some orders from Voight (Jason Beghe).

Since she was moved by emotion, it was very easy for her, somewhat personal, investigation to fail. However, it seemed that she would be able to break free if all went well with Becca’s case. In this way, Upton’s past gave him good instincts and his personal involvement in the case saved Becca in time.

However, all these emotions forced her to reevaluate her approach. After a frank conversation with Voight, the character realized that she couldn’t go on pretending that her past was not infiltrating her present.

A childhood fueled by control, manipulation, betrayal and abuse also made it difficult for Upton to form a real connection with someone else. Even before she took the case, Upton was unable to deal with the statements that Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) had made, as it turned into a trigger.

That’s why her final decision to open up to Halstead and be vulnerable and transparent about her fears and insecurities is a step that seems to be going in the right direction. There is a strong connection between the two, as it is clear that Halstead cares about Upton and wants to support her.

Thus, the episode ends with this little hope that the two will be able to settle in an interesting way and that Upton will be able to move forward with a possible cure.

So don’t miss the next episode! Chicago PD continues to air its 8th season on April 21 on NBC.


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